Ellinikon: Own your dream in Athens Riviera

The Athenian Riviera is undergoing a dramatic transformation as the historic grounds of the former Ellinikon International Airport are reborn into a visionary new community. This one-of-its kind urban regeneration project, spanning over 6.2 million square meters – nearly three times the size of London’s Hyde Park and twice the size of Monaco – is… Read more »

Athens Riviera: A Mediterranean Paradise of Timeless Luxury and Modern Allure

Athens Riviera, a captivating tapestry of sun-drenched coastline that stretches along the sapphire waters of the Saronic Gulf, has long beckoned travelers seeking a luxurious Mediterranean escape. With its idyllic beaches, world-class resorts, vibrant nightlife, and proximity to historical treasures, this region weaves an alluring spell that captivates the senses and rejuvenates the soul. A… Read more »

The Rewarding Greek Non-Dom Program

Greece, a country steeped in history and blessed with natural beauty, is experiencing a remarkable economic resurgence, hailed according to the Economist as the “global economic country of the year” in 2024. This revitalized economy, combined with the allure of a luxurious Mediterranean lifestyle and the attractive Non-Dom Tax Regime, makes Greece an irresistible choice… Read more »

Sotheby’s International Realty is Proud to Partner with ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH

Sotheby’s International Realty will make its debut as Show Sponsor of Art Basel Miami Beach, the preeminent art show, celebrating the convergence of fine art, digital art, and design. As a Show Sponsor, Sotheby’s International Realty will showcase a curated selection of the world’s finest homes in the Collectors Lounge, an area exclusively reserved for… Read more »

Five Rental Homes for Kitesurfers in Greece

Undoubtedly, kitesurfing stands out as one of the most exhilarating and habit-forming activities. After all, there’s nothing quite like the sensation of utilizing the sheer force of the wind to smoothly ride over the waves! This sport is easily accessible and typically includes the whole family. While the Mediterranean might not boast the rugged seascapes… Read more »

A peek into Greece through travel books

Article courtesy of Athens Insider The Colossus of Maroussi – Henry Miller The esteemed writer Henry Miller explores human nature and Greece at the same time in The Colossus of Maroussi. First published in 1941, The Colossus takes readers to recognizable sites across Greece as its writer catalogues his epic journeys. Take a moment to… Read more »

Two Classic Greek Christmas Sweets

Article by Athens Insider’s Diana Farr Louis More traditional than Santa Claus or the Christmas tree, two scrumptious biscuits are indispensable additions to the Greek holiday table. Platters piled high with nutty brown melomakarona and snow white kourabiedes form part of the festive fare of virtually every Greek household, ready to be offered to any… Read more »

Athens emerges as a haute gastronomy destination

BY SUDHA NAIR ILIADES It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact moment when Athens’ food industry began to blossom as a whole. Was it the rise of Athens as a city-break destination ignited by its renaissance as a contemporary cultural hotspot? Or the new influx of international nomads? Or a post-crisis era that spurred design-and health-focused… Read more »

An intimate peek into Fassianos’ home

In a quiet, leafy street in Papagou, a three-storey house, which doubled as Alekos Fassianos’ studio, occupies one end of the street. Wafts of freshly baked tsoureki drift from the bakery just across. There is little to prepare you before you enter the home of an icon. And then you notice the details: the whimsical… Read more »

Emma Stone’s Malibu Clifftop Home on the Market for $4.3 million

Emma Stone is making a move to Texas and has listed her Malibu Clifftop home for sale. According to listing agent Eric Lavey, this 1950s California modern ranch offers unobstructed views of the Pacific, the entire Los Angeles coastline and distant Catalina island. Real estate records indicate that Stone bought the home in 2018 for… Read more »

Mansell’s Machines: Hand-Selected by the British Icon, Headlining Monaco

It has been described as one of the most iconic moments in modern Formula 1 history. After dominating his home race at the 1991 British Grand Prix, the so-called “Lion” himself, Nigel Mansell, OBE, decided to extend a hand of chivalry to one of his most persistent rivals, the great Ayrton Senna. Though Mansell’s victory… Read more »

Architecture That Conveys The Spirit Of A Place

For Hong Kong-based architect Nelson Chow, 2021 was a busy year. His award-winning studio, NC Design & Architecture Ltd., completed several high-profile projects that made global headlines. Chow, who was raised in Hong Kong and Canada, has a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Waterloo in Canada but also a menswear tailoring certificate… Read more »

Big On Style, Low On Waste

When fashion veterans and longtime friends Yijia Wang and Zi Xuan created Advene in 2019, they set out to reinvent sustainable luxury in the accessories sector. Customers at the time had to choose between sustainability, style, and price. “That’s when we thought we should do something,” Wang says. With Advene, Wang and Xuan, who are… Read more »

Fangio’s Farewell: A Legendary 300 SL Last Owned by El Maestro

Of the great names which have competed for the podium on motorsport’s biggest stage, Juan Manuel Fangio can be considered your most admired driver’s most admired driver. Among the most famous racing drivers of the modern era, all have deflected any comparison. Michael Schumacher’s verdict in 2003: “Fangio is on a level much higher than… Read more »

The Breakfast Club

Designed for day-to-day dining and relaxed lounging, these perfect-for-breakfast nooks in exquisite properties feature sea views, cozy patios and an ambience that makes them appealing any time of the day. The Mykonian Lifestyle In an idyllic position, within walking distance to the small sandy beach of Cavo Glyfadi, Alia is a wonderful summer home designed… Read more »

Important Jewels | Sotheby’s Live Auction

A spectacular array of diamonds is available at Sotheby’s throughout the year in global live and online auctions. Exquisite diamonds, coloured stones, and luminous jadeite lead the Important Jewels (18 February, Hong Kong) auction of Sotheby’s, brought together in a stunning array. Among the highlights are a 10.46 carat Kashmir sapphire and diamond ring by… Read more »

Explore the Wonders of Greece in the Winter

Greece is known for its wonderful climate, its beautiful islands and beaches, history and culture. However Greece is home to some unique natural wonders. From waterfalls to mountains, let us share a few of these treasures, which are ideal to be explored during the mild winter months. Meteora is an area in central Greece, which… Read more »

In an Ancient Greek Port, a New Cultural Hub

On an exceptionally hot July evening, a crowd was mingling and drinking wine at an art opening on Polidefkous Street. An unassuming thoroughfare lined with low-slung ship-repair and metal workshops in Piraeus, the industrial port city on Athens’s southeast side, it is not a place where galleries have historically set up shop. But despite the… Read more »

Seaplanes set to operate in Greece once again

Seaplanes are a fast and convenient way to travel between Greece’s many islands and with test flights expected to begin in October, it’s expected that that by summer 2022, they will once more, be back in operation. This fast, alternative way to travel will provide great connectivity. The first flights are expected between Corfu and… Read more »

Significant Sales | First Semester 2021

A waterfront masterpiece in Crete, an extraordinary estate in Rhodes, and the last beachfront signature villa in Costa Navarino are the three major real estate deals brokered and closed by our company in the first semester of 2021 with a combined value of €28,500,000. Added to another €52,000,000 of closed or secured transactions from January… Read more »

Experience Evia

It is the most easily accessible destination in Athens making it a great place to getaway and relax. The north, central and south parts of the island all have their own identity and customs whilst all are equal in their abundance of natural beauty. There are many ways to fully experience the wonder of Evia;… Read more »

The recently expanded and renewed National Gallery – Alexandros Soutzos Museum

One of the grand jewels of the city of Athens is the recently renovated building of the National Gallery, Alexandros Soutzos Museum. The expansion and renovation of the National Gallery, is undoubtedly the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports’ greatest work of the last decade. The grand expansion of the building includes an extra floor… Read more »

The Athenian Riviera is Getting a Brand New Look

The Athens Riviera is changing its looks, offering millions of visitors a unique opportunity to experience singular moments at one of the most magnificent Mediterranean sites. There are many works currently underway, in different stages of construction, along the entire coastline. The seafront of Attica is inundated with construction sites, renovations of buildings, re-development of… Read more »

The Private Aviation Sector Takes Off

In any crisis, some lose whilst others gain. If restaurants close, supermarket takings go up. The same is true for aviation as private flying is one sector of the travel industry enjoying a massive up-turn. The way the superrich travel may have changed forever as they enjoy the freedom and luxury of travelling by private… Read more »

Greece’s first underwater museum

Earlier in the year, Greece opened its first underwater museum in Alonissos. Visitors will be able to experience the ancient shipwreck called the Peristera. The Peristera was a cargo vessel loaded with thousands of amphorae, filled with wine, which sank in the Aegean sea around 500 BC. The cargo included black-glazed bowls, cups, plates and… Read more »

Private Island Interest is Booming

Many buyer’s have often thought about the idea of buying a private island, the pandemic has just served to accelerate this niche market. Buying an island is often more driven by the heart rather than investment purposes and ease of access is always important. The private island market has benefitted in large by our new,… Read more »

Corporate nomads are on the road to Greece

John Roese, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Dell Technologies, discussed in a recent teleconference the open prospects and great potential that Greece has to attract foreign workers and companies in the field of technology and informatics. “I think that I will easily work from an island in Greece. It is a very beautiful country. As… Read more »

Athens Acropolis Sotheby's

“The war for Digital Nomads Heats up as Greece Passes New Tax Law”, says Forbes

“If you can work from anywhere, why not work from Greece?” asks a promotional document seen by Greece’s parliament this week. Amid dreamy images of whitewashed farmhouses and deep-blue seascapes, it sets out a new law that allows newly settled foreigners to pay half their income tax over the next seven years. From January 2021,… Read more »

Breaking News: Greece is open for 29 countries

Starting from June 15, Greece will be welcoming tourists and travellers from 29 countries. No tests or quarantine will be required. Authorities will be performing occasional random testing, while visitors will be required to take all the necessary social distancing measures. The list of the 29 countries is the satisfactory result of an epidemiological profile… Read more »

Private jet industry CEOs say business will boom

Executives predict that the health and safety aspect will make more flyers willing to pay the extra cost to fly private as opposed to first-class on commercial. CEOs from the nation’s top private jet charter firms and even some based overseas are in agreement that despite the current downturn associated with the pandemic, they’re expecting… Read more »