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Owning a property in Greece now comes with greater benefits!

Who is eligible?
All citizens of all nationalities are eligible for the Greek Golden Visa Programme, with the exact same terms. The residence permit is available to Russian, Chinese, American, Canadian, Israeli, Arabic and any other Non-European citizens.

What about family members?
Children under 21 years of age, parents, spouse or partner with a cohabitation agreement (concluded in Greece) and in-laws of the main investor can benefit from the same investment of 250000 euros and above and issue a permanent European residence permit too.

What advantages are there of holding a residence permit in Greece?
– You may stay continuously in Greece for the duration of the permit.
– You may travel unconditionally to any of the other Schengen 26 countries without a visa as long as your stay in those countries does not exceed 90 days in any 6 month period.
– You may have access to health and education services, just as any Greek citizen.

Schengen Area

Which are the 26 Schengen Countries?: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

What are the requirements?
You must own property in Greece with a minimum value of €250,000; you can a be a joined owner of a property as long your share to purchase the property is of a €250,000 value.

How long does the residence permit last?
It is renewable indefinitely every 5 years as long as the ownership of the property remains in the applicant’s name

What are the costs associated with the application process for the residence permit for owners of real estate?
Interested parties are only subject to the Visa fee, which is €75, except in cases where bilateral agreements provide for a reduced fee or a waiver.

The Golden Visa Programme in Greece is exceptionally competitive as it features friendly terms, minimizing both the amount of the capital required and with the help of investment consultants it is easy to obtain. It is an investor visa and it can be renewed indefinitely as long as the main applicant keeps the investment, while there is no requirement to stay in Greece whatsoever.

How long will it take for the residence permit to be issued?
It is estimated to be issued within 2 months from the day on which the application was submitted or reached the Decentralized Administration. The applicant is not affected by the duration of the processing of their application. After the application has been submitted, the applicant receives a receipt confirming the submission of the application, which is valid for one year. The time required to process the application depends on the specific locality where the application was submitted and the volume of pending applications. Authorities have been instructed to give priority to this type of application, and all efforts are made to process the applications within two months. If an application for a residence permit is submitted for the first time, proof of submission can be issued even if the supporting documents with regards to the insurance coverage or the medical certificate of the applicant will be submitted at a later date.

How do I apply?
Once you own your property you must make an application at the Directorate of Foreign Citizens and Immigration of the Decentralized Administration, in the place of residence. In some cases, the application should be submitted to the Municipality of where your property is located.

For more information regarding your specific case, please contact the Municipality where your property is located.

For a list of all Municipalities and Decentralised Authorities please contact the Ministry of the Interior. More detailed information here