Lee Tokouzis

In any crisis, some lose whilst others gain. If restaurants close, supermarket takings go up. The same is true for aviation as private flying is one sector of the travel industry enjoying a massive up-turn.

The way the superrich travel may have changed forever as they enjoy the freedom and luxury of travelling by private jet, not to mention not coming into contact with other passengers.

So whilst affluent travellers find ways to continue as normal others reap the benefits.

According to Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Signature Aviation’s biggest shareholder, saw his stake in the company increase four-fold between July and August 2020 and Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris also increased his stake in Signature at a time when it is widely considered that the aviation industry may not start showing signs of recovery for some time yet. Long haul flights may not resume until 2023.

Those with the financial means to travel privately appreciate that they can drive up and fly at a moment’s notice, arriving just 15 minutes before take-off, precious time saved in a world where time is a commodity. Whilst onboard the hours spent travelling can be maximised far more than when travelling commercially. For those whose time is as valuable as money, profits continue to be generated even when flying.

Let’s not forget not needing to “brace” for the joys of the in-flight meal. Private flyers may sit back and enjoy a bespoke, rather more pleasant in-flight experience.

Greece is just a 3 hour flight from any European and Middle East city making it an easy to reach travel destination. Whether it’s a visit for a relaxing holiday or just a long weekend in the sun, its airport network covers most of its key destinations.

The recent €400m upgrade of its 14 major regional airports will be a pleasant surprise for all travellers in 2021!