Lee Tokouzis

In April 2014, Fraport Greece undertook the expansion, modernisation and upgrade of the country’s 14 regional airports. Once the works began, the gradual improvement of the services was very quickly apparent, whilst the disruption to the normal day to day running of the airports was minimal.

From Corfu to Rhodes, Thessalonki to Chania, in the last six years the works have been on-going, resulting in 11 of the 14 airports being completed.

Initial estimates for the cost of upgrading the 14 airports was 330 million euros but as work progressed the amount was re-estimated to reach 415 million euros. However it is reported now that the final investment by Fraport Greece will amount to 440 million euros.

10 billion euro in revenues for the Greek State

According to the figures based on calculations made by Fraport Greece, the total direct revenue over the next 40 years (the duration of the lease of the airport to Fraport Greece) for the Greek State will amount to 10 billion euros.

The better services, the more comfortable, safer and friendlier the infrastructure of a country for visitors, the more attractive its destinations become. This will result in an increase in the percentage of visitors through the country’s airports and consequently there will be an increase in business for hotels, restaurants, museums and beaches.

The 11 + 3 airports undertaken by Fraport Greece are ready for “Take-Off”

Renovations, reconfigurations, increasing the number of check-ins and security points are just some of the upgrades undertaken since Fraport took over.

In Zakynthos, the renovation and remodelling of the terminal increased the check-in by 35% and security points by 150%.

In Chania at “Ioannis Daskalogiannis”, the airport was completely reorganized, the gates were increased by 25% and the security and control points were doubled.

Similar renovations were carried out to the runway in Kavala where they can now implement “push back”, therefore allowing full utilisation of the airport’s capacity. The terminal of “Alexander the Great” in Kavala was expanded by 2,029sqm.

On the mainland, one airport that has changed completely is Aktion International Airport which has expanded by 2,381sqm and has an additional 14 check-ins, 8 departure gates and doubles its security points.

In Samos, the number of check-in desks, departure gates and security points have all increased due to the extension of the airport by 1,550sqm.

Skiathos airport was increased in size by 2,185sqm and the existing airport renovated and upgraded, resulting in doubling the baggage handling belts.

Mytilini fundamentally, has a brand new modern, comfortable 7,185sqm airport.

The completed works at Kefalonia’s airport, “Anna Pollatou, have resulted in an airport of 10,700sqm, increasing the check in by 70%, doubling both security points and departure gates.

The brand new airport of Mykonos, now 3,450sqm larger, is a jewel for the island, combining Cycladic architecture with a modern airport environment.

Rhodes airpor
t, the second largest managed by Fraport Greece, after “Macedonia” now has a brand new image. It is now a modern airport meeting international standards, comfortable and user friendly.

In Corfu, at “Ioannis Kapodistrias” the new terminal extension of 10,350sqm boasts 28 check-in desks, 8 security points and 12 departure gates.

Finally, the three airports where works are still in progress, are expected to be completed before the end of the year. These are Kos, Santorini and the flagship airport of “Macedonia” in Thessaloniki.