Lee Tokouzis

Many buyer’s have often thought about the idea of buying a private island, the pandemic has just served to accelerate this niche market.

Buying an island is often more driven by the heart rather than investment purposes and ease of access is always important.

The private island market has benefitted in large by our new, more flexible working regime. Employers and employees alike have adapted to a new normal and have found many more benefits than we would have imagined this time a year ago.

Couple this new flexibility with the benefits offered by owning your own island and enjoying a sprawling living space away from global drama’s, it’s easy to see the attraction.

Ethereal is an untouched paradise a few miles from the mainland abundant with ancient olive trees, wildflowers, pistachio and cypress trees and a variety of fruits such as pomegranates, apricots and peaches. It is an oasis of sublime tranquillity ringed by beaches, breathtaking views, crystal blue waters, marine wildlife and various fishes.

Just a 15′ helicopter flight from Athens International Airport, this magical place helps you to unwind and merge yourself with nature.

This peaceful retreat offers absolute privacy and serenity within an easy drive (1 hour – 120 kilometres) from Athens International Airport.

An independent water source on the mainland is connected with the island giving it a limitless supply.