Lee Tokouzis

It is the most easily accessible destination in Athens making it a great place to getaway and relax.

The north, central and south parts of the island all have their own identity and customs whilst all are equal in their abundance of natural beauty.

There are many ways to fully experience the wonder of Evia; walkers will enjoy trekking through the Dimosaris gorge, taking in the richness of wild flowers and scarce plants that thrive in this wonderful climate.

Waterfalls in Dimosari canyon, South Evia

The pathway is lush and dense with flora, olive, pear and oak trees and the gorge is at least 2000 years old.

Another great way to spend a day is taking in some of the islands renowned vineyards. The richness of the fertile lands here are attracting producers to the island and wine tasting tours are available.

Enjoy the fruits of these fertile lands with a wine tasting tour

The island is also rich in history it is worth paying a visit to the Byzantine castle of St George. The castle was renovated back in the 13th century although the exact date it was originally built is not clear, only some parts of the wall are standing today. The views from here are simply stunning.

Evia also has many beautiful beaches, many of them secluded and completely idyllic. If you need to take some time off and relax then this is a great place to start.

Secluded and idyllic beaches

Snorkellers will love Vithouri beach where the sea bed is ideal for exploring and the surrounding wild beauty quite something to see. Located in a small bay, make sure to take food and water with you.

Vithouri beach is ideal for snorkellers

There are many tavernas and elegant restaurants to choose from. It’s easy to get well priced, delicious fresh fish in a seaside restaurant where you can enjoy your meal surrounded by amazing views.

Waterfront dining Edipsou, Evia