Lee Tokouzis

Greece is known for its wonderful climate, its beautiful islands and beaches, history and culture. However Greece is home to some unique natural wonders. From waterfalls to mountains, let us share a few of these treasures, which are ideal to be explored during the mild winter months.

Meteora is an area in central Greece, which features an operational medieval monastery built at the very top of a magnificent rock formation. A UNESCO-listed area, seeing the monastery, whether for the first time or the hundreth, will fill you with awe and wonder at this breathtaking sight.

Panoramic view of Meteor mountain and monastery

Samaria Gorge in Crete, a National Park and UNESCO biosphere reserve is a major attraction for visitors who come to experience the stunning natural beauty. The steep cliffs, fresh water springs and rich fauna are a protected home to over 450 species of endemic plants and animals.

Samaria, Crete

The Polylimnio Waterfalls in Messinia, an area in the Peloponnese described as a Greek paradise offers visitors a natural water park of 15 lakes and waterfalls, teeming with lush greenery and forestry, the walk is rewarded at every turn by wild natural beauty.

A small waterfall in Polilimnio, Greece

Winter swimmers will find Greece a true paradise. For those who don’t like it too cold, Lake Vouliagmeni in the heart of the Athens Riviera, with its temperate waters rich in salts and minerals, is said to have healing properties.

Lake Vouliagmeni, Athens Riviera

Greece also has a great winter ski season and there are several resorts with stunning landscapes and scenery much loved by avid ski enthusiasts and celebrities who enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Mount Chelmos, Kalavryta, Greece