The Athens Riviera is changing its looks, offering millions of visitors a unique opportunity to experience singular moments at one of the most magnificent Mediterranean sites.

There are many works currently underway, in different stages of construction, along the entire coastline. The seafront of Attica is inundated with construction sites, renovations of buildings, re-development of existing features, investment plans, road and transport functions and many extension works.

The demolition of buildings that used to make up the Eastern Airport of Helliniko, has opened the flood gates to a new era of ambitious investments, the era of the Hellinikon Project. This is one of the most groundbreaking constructions in Europe, with special attention paid to the creation of a metropolitan park of international scope and the highlighting of a seafront wide open and welcoming to all.

Homes, hotels, skyscrapers, restaurants, casinos and a large aquarium are all works in progress due to be completed in the near future, in an area of 6.200.000 sq.m.

Alimos marina is one of the largest marinas in the Balkans, and it is also entering a new era. The development plan comprises a state-of-the-art marina which will be a point of attraction for relaxation, pleasure and recreation as well as business entrepreneurship due to its highly developed and functional outdoor areas.

Within this new, multi-functional, protected area, a whole new line of professional and recreational activities will be added to the choices and services that will be on offer, making Alimos marina a point of reference not only for the Athens Riviera but for the whole of the Mediterranean Sea basin.

The entire coastline is getting upgraded, contributing to the financial growth of the Athens Riviera and establishing this coastline as absolutely the most magnificent Mediterranean destination.

What an ideal choice for all who seek a luxury home in sun-kissed Greece.