Villa Stellar is a showpiece of architectural excellence in a stunning location on the beautiful island of Tinos.

Here you can experience the glory of the sunset like nowhere else and live life enjoying glorious natural beauty.

A heated outdoor lap pool, 22 meters in length is perfect for swimming enthusiasts and looks out over the most idyllic of surroundings.

Swim into a blaze of colour, of oranges, pinks and purple skies as the sun slowly sets over the horizon.

The industrial architecture of the structure, large openings and minimal interiors create a unique home, one with presence and a palpable sense of the extraordinary.

An amalgamation of streamlined decor, a neutral colour palette, and clever use of natural light from openings in the ceiling have all combined to make stylish living spaces.

Clean lines and uncluttered simplicity is the concept that Villa Stellar is based on. Warmth and functionality is achieved through precise use of carefully chosen furnishings and rich warm wood. This clever design allows the views to be the villa’s main focus.

The house features two en-suite bedrooms with picture windows an open living area and a sleek modern kitchen. One of the bedrooms has private access. In addition to the two en-suite bathrooms there is also a guest bathroom.

Currently a two bedroom home, planning permission of an additional 55sqm is in place for a further two bedrooms, which will be completed within 6 months of purchase, by the current owners.