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With its strong viticulture and world-class food, Tinos is an engaging place, with a lively and passionate local community spread throughout its 50 picturesque villages.

Just a 20- minute ferry ride from Mykonos, the island is worlds away from the hedonistic party scene, and is the perfect location for those looking for a more authentic Greek lifestyle experience.

Tinos has recently started making waves on the international foodie scene, due to its unique landscape producing world-class wines, herbs, honey and cheeses.

It is already an undoubted leader in the realm of Greek wines. T-Oinos Wines is an organic vineyard supplying high-end restaurants across Europe, including Alain Ducasse, whilst the Domaine de Kalathas is an off-grid vineyard making use of 150- year-old un-grafted vines.

In fact, this windswept island is said to be Greece’s new wine frontier, with its sandy soil protecting the local terroir from the phylloxera pest. Meanwhile, beer aficionados with love the multi-award-winning Nissos Microbrewery, open for tours and tastings throughout the summer.

No place has a richer marble-crafting tradition than Tinos, and this glittering white stone is used throughout the island to stunning effect. Discover Pyrgos, an iconic village decorated throughout with intricate marble carvings and almost an outdoor museum in its own right. Be sure to explore the interior of the island, puzzling over the surreal lunar landscape of Volax and its mysterious, monumental boulders. Driving around the island, visitors will spot ornately decorated pigeon houses dotted across the landscape. These dates from the 17th Century, when pigeons were a useful source of both meat and fertiliser!

Sports enthusiasts can take advantage of the annual Tinos Challenge, a part of the Cyclades Trail Cup. Held in December, the event includes three demanding races, including a 20km trail, a mountainous sprint and a ‘mini-challenge’. Tinos is also an ideal location for water sports – Kolybithra Beach on the northeast coast is a particular surfing paradise, with wild waves and strong meltemi winds throughout the summer months.