Maria Gouma

At the same time, we have immediately switched to remote working and our business continues to be operational offering a wide range of services available now online:

  • – Video Conferences
  • – Video Tours
  • – Digital Staging via our dedicated app “Curate”
  • – Facetime Viewings
  • – Browse our mobile app
  • – Watch our Apple TV app
  • – Digital Signatures

Our Catalogue continuous to be enriched with new content and our blog continues to be updated with additional information mostly about Greece’s amazing locations, all to browse from the comfort of your couch.

We will also provide regular updates as to the lockdown status of the various areas in Greece and provide informative material provided by the World Health Organization and the Greek National Public Health Organization.

We wish for each and every one of you to stay well and healthy and to find a spark of joy in each day. We believe that by the time we come to the end of this global health event we will all be a little kinder and a little more appreciative of life’s simple pleasures.