Are you wondering how to make some simple, inexpensive home improvements?

Why not try a fragrant, colourful and useful herb garden.

You don’t have to be an expert or even have a garden. Just a few pretty containers will suffice. Plant some of the heavily scented ones close to pathways or lawns and arrange flower pots on terraces and balconies to create an inviting atmosphere.

On Rhodes, you often see brightly painted flower pots enhancing the steps of traditional houses and courtyards. These pots are often filled with herbs such as Sage (Phaskomilo), great taste in sausages, Basil (Vasilikos) tasty in pasta and Rosemary (Dendrolivano) good with lamb and pork.

Other must haves in the Greek culinary cupboard are the favoured Oregano (Rigani) used in just about any dish including pizzas and fresh salads and the distinct scented Mint (Diosmos). Mint makes a refreshing tea and compliments the flavour of Greek meatballs (keftedes) and stuffed vine leaves (dolmades)

Check out the local greenhouses on Rhodes for advice and find the ones most suited to your needs and your gardens. Most of all, enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your herbs grow and blossom in your Greek home, not only will it enhance the appearance of your house but improve the taste of your cooking.