George Kassimis

George Kassimis

Sales Associate

A property transfer in Greece is possible only through a notarial contract.

Such a contract is prepared by the notary public following a thorough title check by the buyer’s lawyer.
Once the contract is drafted and agreed all parts involved all their representatives meet at the notary public’s office to sign the Deed.

To being able to have the above happy conclusion both parts have to provide days or a few weeks before the Deeds signature a series of documents:

Buyer: The buyer must provide his identification (passport or identification card) and Greek tax number (AFM).

Vendor (Seller): The vendor must provide the above as well as numerous documents pertaining to the property, these documents include a Green certificate – outlining the energy efficiency of the property and a declaration regarding the legalities of the property. If there is one single irregular m2 the Engineer is not able to give the aforementioned certificate and therefore no transfer of ownership can take place.

Other documents the vendor must provide are; a tax clearance – ensuring there are no debts to the government, IKA (national insurance) clearance – ensuring that no monies are outstanding, therefore confirming that all national insurance has been paid for labour used to build the property in the case of new builds.

The legal documentation required for a transfer of ownership in Greece is continuously changing, this is meant as a guide only and should be checked with a notary at the time of purchase/sale.