Maria Gouma

Maria Gouma

Corporate Director

“Curb appeal” – how do I create it?

First impressions do count, so make the most of your home’s appearance. It will make all the difference when it comes to potential clients choosing your home over another which also suits their needs. Begin with the front door. Symmetry is very pleasing to the eye. Symmetrically placed light fixtures and other compositions, create a very welcoming entryway. An overhead light fixture has the same effect. Replace or polish old hardware (door knob, lock set, wall mounted mailbox, house number) to add style and interest. Add a blast of color with a flowering plant near the entrance. Repair your driveway. Wash the exterior of your home. Clean up your garden, trim hedges, remove weeds, add plants, do necessary repairs on a fence or wall surrounding your property or grow a herb garden! Don’t forget to have a look at the back of the house. It is just as important. Park where a potential buyer would park and walk up to your house as if it was your first visit. What do you see? Is the approach clean and tidy? What can you do to make it more attractive? Remember that any improvement will add value, think of it as a house not a home, it is a commodity you want to sell for the best price possible and as fast as possible.

What should I do to make the house look better?

The most important thing is to clean it very well and remove clutter. Windows and surfaces need to be in pristine condition. Make your house look like a very comfortable and expensive hotel room. Make up beds with fresh linen. Improve lighting. Remove as many private possessions as possible. This includes picture frames, books, videogames and art items. The potential buyers need to be able to envision it as their own home, with their own personal belongings gracing the interior. If possible, refurbish the kitchen. New countertops and even new appliances if the current ones are very old, are beneficial changes, if within your budget. Changing handles on cabinets is an inexpensive and effective way to upgrade and improve cabinet appearance. Improving bathrooms in the house, even with small touches like new towels and accessories, has the same beneficial effect.

Should I make major home improvements?

When buyers purchase a home, they expect the basics. These include a roof which does not leak, walls that are in good condition and mold free, solid floors, functioning and trouble free plumbing and electrical wiring and all the common sense items you would expect to find in a home. They should be able to feel it is a home they can move into and start living in right away, without having to undertake major repairs prior to this. When it comes to selling, do the basics to show that your home is well maintained and up to par with other homes in the same price bracket, add curb appeal, but do not undertake extensive and expensive projects in an effort to increase the value of your property. Even with projects known to increase value, you may not recover your full investment .