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Boat International | Villa with a View

Featured in Boat International August edition – Magna Grecia on the island of Corfu. One home good, two homes better: this sprawling new complex on Corfu’s north-east coast offers the complete package for fun, says Sophia Wilson Magna Grecia is the epitome of elegance in a gloriously panoramic setting. Beautiful grounds, captivating views and verdant… Read more »

Abode2 | Property of the Week

Abode2 featured Azzuro as its Property of the Week on July 5th 2021. Azzurro is a beautifully presented home offering a warm and hearty welcome. Set in immaculately landscaped gardens, looking out over open sea views of the Avlaki coast and just a one minute walk from the nearest beach and picturesque Kassiopi harbour Corfu…. Read more »

Traveller’s World Magazine | Home Away From Home

If you travel by private jet you are expecting your destination to be just as dignified and private. One such home, featured in Traveller’s World Magazine’s is Infinity Blue, available for rent through Greece Sotheby’s International Realty Rental Division. Infinity Blue is a private paradise of old world charm, luxury, imagination and innovation in the… Read more »

BOAT INTERNATIONAL: Villa with a view

By Olivia Michel Savvas Savvaidis, President & CEO of Greece Sotheby’s International Realty in an interview with journalist Olivia Michel, showcased “The Anassa Estate” , a regal, cliffside property in Corfu. A stunning property available in the company’s private collection. The sandstone hues of the villa ensure that it blends in harmoniously with the surrounding… Read more »

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: Property of the Week | Linamia, Corfu

The Corfu Home where Leslie Caron stayed while filming “The Durrells”. The actress and dancer Leslie Caron has a better breakthrough story than most. Hers came while she was a winged, pointy-eared sphinx suspended from a trapeze, enraged and suicidal at Oedipus’s inability to solve her riddles, writes Melissa Lawford. “I attached myself by the… Read more »

Pasithea, Corfu

Six Stunning Panorama Villas on Corfu island

With great intellectual and artistic past, Corfu preserves its multi-cultural background and Venetian elegance until today. Corfu’s Old Town is a UNESCO heritage site of great architectural interest. The lush scenery, peerless beaches, picturesque villages and it’s high green hills have always been of an anazing beauty. We have therefore collected the best breathtaking panorama… Read more »

Corfu Panorama Spianada in the front

The Eclectic, Elegant Architecture of Corfu Island

Corfu is an elegant and noble destination, unique amongst the Greek islands for its regal amalgamation of Venetian, French and British styles. From the 15th – 19th centuries the island was under Venetian rule, subsequently passing to the French, British and, finally, Greek governments. This multi-cultural history has resulted in a fine architectural mix of… Read more »


Sophia Wilson, 14 June, 2019 “Nestled on a north-eastern Corfu clifftop and with direct access to the shore via an elevator, Grand Marine is worth of a James Bond villain”. Grand Marine, virtually glass-walled along its entire frontage, overlooks the sea, east to the coast and mountains of Albania, with the magical site of ancient… Read more »