Welcome to Magnolia, boasting a stunning location on the sea, with beach access, on the most unspoilt south western part of Corfu island !

The boho – chic style Residense is the ideal escape for nature lovers. Slow down, relax and enjoy the real luxury. Between the sea and the mountain, here you can immerse yourself in nature with the seaside literally on your feet, the breathtaking views of the sea and the spectacular sunsets and all that with a backdrop of the hundred-year-old olive groves at the foot of the mountain behind you.

Magnolia combines the modern stone architecture with designer landscaping in the garden to create a villa that fuses with its surroundings, respecting the natural landscape it is in. Built in several volumes, the villa connects indoor with outdoor to suggest a continuous connection of the interior with the garden and nature, creating several spaces ideal for privacy and relaxation.

A hippie chic interior design in a modern layout ensures an informal, flowing ambience and a variety of shaded terraced spaces also offer an option for relaxed outdoor living.One of the greatest advantages of staying in Magnolia is the personalised service provided by the dedicated staff who will make you feel at home. Here, hospitality is key to ensuring that your stay is truly memorable.

Start your day, with an authentic Corfiot breakfast or by walking down to the beach and diving in the sea. You will feel refreshed and invigorated, swimming in a paddle board in transparent, clean waters !

For more activity during the day, you can go for walks amid the olive groves which provide the extra virgin oil the property chef is using for cooking. This beautiful setting is also ideal for joking, cycling or hiking on the foot of the Pantokrator mountain where the estate is located.

Should you prefer you may relax by the large pool, which the kids will love too , as there is an extended shallow area ideal for lounging in or playing with children.

At sunset, the favourite time of the day we recommend that you sit meditatively and observe the changing colours of the sky and sea while listening to the sound of the waves below.

With all your senses satisfied, sit outside with a drink, gaze up at the sky to catch sight of a shooting star, before tucking in to a deep, restorative sleep. And what a surprise there is a telescope for closer inspection…!

MHTE: 00001074076