Two amazing homes adjacent offering stunning views of the Aegean. Authentic, minimal, luxurious: no matter which word you choose, all of them suit Bianca. The two villas are offered as one as they are right next two each other, in a plot of more than 8,500 square meters.

Cool white walls, clean lines and contemporary attitude are a beautiful contrast to the slice of blue sea that surrounds it. Its location, very close to Naoussa, puts you at the center of the island life, the picturesque tavernas, the bars, the shops but at the same time Bianca is a real sanctuary, a retreat where you can relax and decompress in full privacy.

Stretch out on one of the chaises longues, bring your beach read to one of the lounge area or have a swim in the infinity pools. After a day by the pool or on the beach, sit down and enjoy around the outdoor dining area.

From the terrace, Bianca looks like it is fully integrated with Paros’ landscape. Minimalist, soothing and built to maximize the incredible views. Its interiors have the same simplicity and the natural stone and quality furnishings create an atmosphere of pure bliss and relaxation.

Designed to maintain the privacy you seek, while showcasing unparalleled views of the Aegean, Bianca makes full use of its desirable location.

Energy Efficiency class : B
A. Π: 83295/2017/ Α.Α: ΥΚΜ25-ΒΑRTA-5PFLV-9
A. Π: 83307/2017 Α.Α: -0DWQE-YX090-EU1UN-4

MHTE: 1207965 / AMA 1269788