Aegean Legend superbly combines everything the modern home-owner in a more traditional aesthetics Cycladic Villa boasting a unique location.

The villa is situated on the edge of a rocky shore, granting it absolute privacy as well as private access to the sea. This is one of the very few instances on the island where you can be both close to the island’s hotspots and yet also live in perfect isolation, making it ideal for those who value their privacy but want to take full advantage of the buzzing Myconian nightlife.

The property’s panoramic views are nothing short of spectacular, incorporating the famous golden sunsets over Ornos Bay. The endless shades of blue glimpsed in the waters of the Aegean Sea are sure to both inspire and relax you, whilst the ancient and mystical island of Delos can be glimpsed on the horizon.

Aegean Legend is one of the few properties on Mykonos that is totally immune to adverse weather conditions, including the famed Aegean winds. The villa is so well protected from the meltemi (northerly wind) that prevails throughout the summer months that guests will be perplexed to hear other island residents complaining about it.

The residence is divided into two main villas, two guest houses and a two- bedroom apartment, thus providing accommodation for a total of 18 people. Aegean Legend is arranged in such a way that its residents can relax in their own private spaces as well as enjoy the vast communal areas dotting the villa’s grounds, including a large pool, private beach, barbecue area and shady terracing.

Finally, on the lower level of the complex is a small path leading to a private dock, accessible only to villa residents. This area is perfect for swimming and sunbathing, as well as for berthing a private yacht. In addition, Aegean Legend benefits from extensive concierge services, is eco-friendly and comes fully furnished and ready to move in, resulting in one of the most high-end properties available on the island.