Whispers of the Sea is a marvellous waterfront stone-built villa on the island of Paros offering a mesmerizing sea panorama to Antiparos strait.

Its minimalistic stone exterior is in contrast with the dominant white and blue of the Cycladic scenery and that feature makes its architecture and designs unique.

Visiting Whispers of the Sea is a unique experience. One can enjoy the spacious and luxurious outdoor area surrounded by a Mediterranean garden of significant size. When you don’t feel like swimming in the pool explore the beautiful sandy beach just a few steps away. Its sunset views are absolutely spectacular.

The property of 546 sq.m ( plus 258 sq.m auxiliary areas ) offers several types of accommodation and in several levels. You may choose among the main house, the independent guesthouse or the guest suite sleeping in a total of 12 guests. All offer clean lines and modern furnishings with warm colours as the owner has chosen neutral tones and wood as the dominant material.

More than 130 olive trees produce yearly between 200 to 500 litres of premium organic olive oil while within the 3 acres garden there are 50 grapevines and a variety of fig trees and pomegranates.

Two private irrigation wells cover the freshwater provision for the swimming pool and the garden.

150685/2016 A.A: WJNC2-M9K00-LX2DM-V