Seraphina, two chic bijoux homes, located in the picturesque Greek village of Oia, in the northern part of Santorini.

Wonderfully traditional, the curvature of the architecture replicates beautifully the much loved style of homes from years gone by whilst managing to exude a modern and contemporary atmosphere at the same time.

Seraphina is proof that true luxury is found in the art of simplicity and that less really can be more.

With views of turquoise seas and distant mountain ranges Seraphina is wrapped in beauty, spectacular scenery and blends perfectly into the island’s backdrop of white washed homes with their characteristic blue domes.

Carved into rock and accessed by a private pathway you arrive and know that you have arrived somewhere special. Stepping inside you feel an immediate sense of peace. Gentle, romantic interiors were designed to create this relaxing atmosphere. White is the prime colour throughout, enhanced by subtle touches of colour here and there. Always just enough, and never too much, keeping true to the fundamental premise of the minimalist theme.

Each home has a living room with a stone built sofa, one bedroom and one bathroom. The cubby kitchen is cleverly set into a recess in the rock.

Embrace the simple sophistication of Seraphina and indulge in a zen-like calmness in glorious surroundings.