Sitting comfortably in the heart of an olive forest in rural Lesvos, Greece, lies the “Pelagos” Estate. This modernly designed property comprises of 2 floors, a lower-ground level with 5 bedrooms, 6 full bathrooms and over 500 sq. meters of leisure, overlooking the picturesque bay.

“Pelagos” has over 4000 square meters of garden, along with a terraced garden and a deck featuring a half sized Olympic recreational pool, a Jacuzzi and a private pathway to the sea.

Only 30 meters away from the Aegean seafront and 25 minutes away from the Mitilini Airport, it’s a superb location to reside by.

What’s great about “Pelagos”, however, is that it offers the amenity of anchoring any sized yacht, and under any weather condition, inside your own bay in front of the house.

Fully furnished and equipped with top of the line appliances and amenities, you can be assured of a great asset, in one Greeces’ most refined and unexplored locations.