The synergy between land and sea could not be better exhibited than at Palmelia, a property of almost 280 sq. m on Paros island, overlooking the aquamarine hues of the Aegean. Two majestic, swaying palm trees stand as sentinels to the sun in this very unique property, which is formed by two wings surrounding a central courtyard and 74 sq. m. of additional space on a plot stretching over 6,200 sq. m. Its external red stone pays homage to the local traditions, whilst its interiors are a blank canvas on which the brilliant Mediterranean light finds its ultimate expression.

The galley shaped residence offers 4 bedrooms that flow seamlessly onto covered patios and spill out onto a central outdoor oasis, making functionality the key. Sliding doors provide discreet privacy when required, yet the sense of openness is a desirable quality which begs to be taken advantage of. The golden sunbeams are a welcome guest, pervading every corner of the home and finding their match in the citrus-touched interiors. Modern, bright furnishings of light plastic and aluminium make a striking contrast against the pale walls and concrete floors of this minimalist abode, which manages to blend in perfectly with its natural surroundings.

The home’s sweeping terrace is akin to the bow of an elegant yacht: the ideal spot for sun lounging by day and for star watching by night. Whether making the most of the expansive outdoor areas for entertaining and relaxing or for watching the sun go down over the adjacent Antiparos, Palmelia is not just a home — it is an ode to the ethereal Cycladic light and the simplicity of island living.