The stresses of work and daily life, so often complex and complicated, is one of the main reasons many of us look to realise the dream of owning a second home, somewhere to spend time with family and friends, to enjoy long relaxing summer holidays, or ultimately, even relocate.

Oneiro proves that the ultimate in sophistication is simplicity. It is a celebration of modern minimalism, inviting and functional.

Light floods into the open spaces. Spaces enhanced by white walls and floors, with bursts of colour and textures, bold details that stand out quite magnificently amongst the exquisite furnishings. A visual space, maximised by minimal styling and accented by details such as the stone feature wall and marble surround open fireplace. Organic wooden details create a beautiful contrast to the white decor.

The same cool concept has been applied to the outside areas where stone and wood blend beautifully with the surroundings. The curved swimming pool with a feature waterfall is a step away from the otherwise straight lines of the rest of the design.

Six bedrooms, each one as beautiful as the other, have all been designed to create a calm and serene environment. Each of them a sanctuary to encourage relaxation.

To be somewhere such as Oneiro where you dictate the pace of your day, which may simply mean a day lazing by the pool, watching and admiring the expansive blue ocean views stretching in every direction across the horizon, anticipating the evening ahead, is a lifestyle choice not to regret.

Oneiro is a fine example of Cycladic architecture and slips perfectly into the whitewashed paradise that is Mykonos.

Mykonos, an island famous for its nightlife and perhaps less well known for its traditional Greek villages and quiet charm. Here you will find many beautiful beaches and everything from sophisticated fine dining choices and simple tavernas.

Both Mykonos and Oneiro will meet your every expectation.