Providing privacy, space and customised design, this prestigious development is designed to combine Corfiot charm, scenic vistas and modern comforts.

Situated in a beautiful bay with sparkling turquoise waters, Mirabella is just a short walk from the stunning beach of Barbati, putting you within easy reach of the picturesque restaurants and bars.

Blending harmoniously with its natural surroundings, this six-bedroom property is surrounded by lush green gardens, two full size swimming pools and expansive shaded terraces specifically designed for al fresco entertainment and enjoying the panoramic sea views.

Its interiors have the same simplicity and the natural stone and quality furnishings create an atmosphere of pure bliss and relaxation. Large picture windows illuminate the interior and create a continuation of the exterior while the modern kitchen and the formal dining area create an ideal space for a change of pace, especially as day turns to dusk.

Private balconies available in all bedrooms allow you to enjoy the picture perfect sea views from every level of the property.

With breathtaking views of the glistening turquoise water, alongside elegant luxury decor and expansive grounds filled with spaces for every mood, this ‘magnificent’ property is a perfect choice for large events and family reunions.

Photographs shown are indicative of the final product.