Embark on the ultimate coastal experience with “Dunes Escape,” an exquisite seaside retreat situated on the unspoiled Molos Beach. This beachfront residence, encompassing a generous 177 sqm, exemplifies luxurious living, providing a newly constructed sanctuary where the allure of the Aegean Sea seamlessly intertwines with your everyday getaway.

Enjoy supreme comfort in this villa boasting three ensuite bedrooms, waking to the soothing palette of the rising sun streaming through the windows, casting a tranquil ambiance that gracefully envelops each room. Revel in unimpeded panoramas of the Aegean Sea from every vantage point within the villa.

Whether basking in the beach and water views during the day or savoring the enchanting Naxos light vistas in the evening, Dune’s Escape presents a captivating visual spectacle that harmonizes with the natural rhythms of its surroundings.

Dunes Escape proudly graces the shoreline as a haven by the sea, granting immediate access to the soft sands of Molos Beach.

Embrace the cool and contemporary essence of this residence, featuring expansive open-plan living spaces meticulously designed to foster connectivity between the indoors and outdoors. The kitchen is both sleek and understated, offering not just functionality but also captivating views.

Sunlight gracefully bathes the C-shaped villa throughout the day, accentuating the vibrant palette of the sun as it reflects off the pool, creating an atmosphere of luminosity and warmth.

Dunes Escape offers the luxury of a leisurely stroll to the beach and captures the very essence of Greek summertime in the lively ambiance of Paros. This whitewashed villa not only affords the convenience of proximity but also frames a tranquil and private landscape. Within its walls, simplicity converges with luxury, creating an environment that epitomizes the beauty of the Grecian summer.