If you have ever been to Kea you will have experienced one of the most magical places on earth. According to ancient myth, Kea was once inhabited by water nymphs and fairies, beautiful mythical creatures.

Today it remains a place of remarkable natural beauty. Oak forests and almond groves, beautiful beaches and sapphire blue waters make up its varied landscape. Just a short boat ride from Athens, it is an island rich in luxury real estate, a popular weekend resort for wealthy Athenians, who enjoy its simple sophistication.

Here on Kea, snuggled into the landscape, amongst the hills and trees and fragrant lavender, is Destiny, a seven bedroom home, constructed with mindful care and consideration to the environment. Built in keeping with Kea’s architectural tradition, the craftsmanship of the stone walls, wooden doors and furniture is immediately apparent.

It is clear that a lot of thought has been put into the detail and style in creating luxury interiors, balanced spaces that work well together. Equally considered are the outdoor areas which have been designed as an extension of the interiors and provide private terraces and larger areas for get-togethers with friends and family.

Sea and mountain views are all around. Everywhere you look you will encounter beauty. Take a swim in the private pool at sundown, it will seem as if you are disappearing into the sunset itself. Into a vibrant colour palette of reds, oranges and gold, spectacular every day.

Some places in the world are special. Destiny is one of them, it is so much more than a home. It is a retreat. Somewhere artists will be inspired to paint, and authors to write. It is undoubtedly somewhere that inspires a feeling of calm and inner peace. A contented mind is the greatest blessing we can enjoy in this world and once you have stayed a while here, amongst the beauty and harmony of the surroundings, you will be at ease. This is one of life’s greatest luxuries. It may be your destiny.