Danae, an old style apartment building with enduring appeal.

Located in Plaka, perhaps the most authentic part of Athens, with cobbled streets teeming with pavement cafes and and typical family run tavernas, this is an area that has a surprisingly village feel and a magnetism that makes you feel alive. A picturesque neighbourhood full of beautiful neoclassical buildings. Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities, with thousands of years of history and culture. Here in the shadows of the Acropolis, and as you meander through the narrow streets, it is hard not to feel a keen sense of nostalgia for the Athens of old.

Danae, a corner apartment building, on four levels is divided into two small apartments on the ground floor. Each one has a living room, kitchen bedroom and bathroom. The first, second and third floors comprise an almost identical floor plan which includes a living room and kitchen, one master bedroom, a double bedroom, bathroom and separate cloakroom. Storage and utilities are housed on the basement level.

A rooftop terrace has extensive views of both Plaka and the Acropolis to be enjoyed by day, becoming even more beautiful at night, as the ancient monument is bathed in a golden glow of light and grandeur and the cafes and tavernas prepare to welcome people for dinner or a leisurely evening drink.

Danae is a home in a privileged location, with enviable views and offers an exceptional mix of elegant living accommodation.