Copper is one of three villas in a secluded bay, surrounded by natural beauty and captivating views of the Aegean Sea. The property is just a few meters from the beach, where you can enjoy crystal-clear waters.

Upon entering the first floor, the villa’s open plan layout includes a living, dining, and kitchen area. Traditional wooden ceilings add a touch of character and warmth to the space, while an open fireplace creates a cozy focal point. Natural light and sunshine pour in through the large windows bringing in the beauty of the views and the surrounding area.

On the second floor are three charming bedrooms. The first bedroom features a spacious en-suite bathroom, while the second and third bedrooms have a delightful ambiance.

Close by is a secluded beach perfect for almost private swimming and a dock for a small boat.

The outside areas cover 6,500 sq m of ecologically planned gardens and a generously-sized infinity pool for the three villas’ shared use. A playroom and gym provide the ideal space for exercise or family games at table tennis.

The sunset is a stunning display of golden orange and fiery red hues reflecting on the tranquil waters.

Embrace the charisma of Copper, where the natural beauty of the Greek islands, the sun’s warmth, and the sea’s soothing sounds converge into a magical experience that will leave a lasting impression in your heart and mind.

The buyer of this property is eligible for the Greek Golden Visa Program.