Chevalet, stunning and secluded, is nestled within one of the most private and desirable areas of Paros. This off-plan villa is a great example of the space and design that is on offer.

The house will be formed by a single floor and a two floor volume placed at a distance. The internal circulation in the house will be achieved through smaller linear volumes, connecting the main elements. In the back of the house, the living areas are developed, protected from the wind.

The site is accessible by a road on its back side and there are four parking lots. The house can be accessed through the closed courtyard, where you may also access the guest house.

Everywhere you look there is an interesting design element to be enjoyed. These are enhanced by the finish detailing which has been executed to the highest standards.
It is a picturesque location with beautiful landscaped areas for walking and spending time with family.

A key element of the composition is the infinitive pool of 89 sq.m. which is placed between two of the volumes of the house. In front of the building, outdoor seating areas are set and on its left side of the house there is a second swimming pool. Residents will be able to enjoy a pedestrian and eco-friendly oasis of escape along with a fitness room.

Chevalet is attempting to address a healthy balance between natural light, privacy and outdoor space. Pergolas are constructed in the surrounding area of the house and by the pool. The large windows frame the magnificent views that are ideal for sunrise entertaining. The outdoor areas of this home are simply stunning as they are carefully thought out by the owners to enjoy privacy, comfort and spectacular sea views.