Located in the most sought-after area of Mykonos, Celestial is an extraordinary private property offering some of the most stunning views on the island, it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of the radiant sunsets.

The interiors of Celestial have a signature classic style, with design elements which add to the atmosphere of harmony and relaxation.

Each of the six bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms, private outdoor seating areas, and uninterrupted sea views. From the Captain’s Suite to the Garden Suite, each room has its own distinctive charm.

With meticulous attention to detail, Celestial seamlessly blends Greek styling with German engineering. Its exquisite interiors, featuring single-sourced travertine marble flooring and soft handmade textures, whisper luxury and understated style.

With lush gardens and inviting hidden corners waiting to be discovered, the estate emanates an enchanting aura, an invitation to relax and unwind.

But it’s not just the indoors that captivate; Celestial’s outdoor spaces are equally enticing. Whether relaxing by the immense infinity pool, or in one of the three outdoor lounge areas, enjoying a meal grilled over charcoal at one of the outdoor dining areas against the spectacular backdrop of the Aegean, every moment outdoors is a delight. Meticulously designed gardens with a focus on harmony, symmetry, and relaxation, offer wonderful surprises hidden around every corner.

Conveniently situated a short distance from Mykonos airport, Celestial Villa offers privacy without sacrificing convenience. With breathtaking vistas of the azure sea and the mesmerizing Mykonian sunset, the allure of this remarkable property is clear.