This luxurious two-storey manor is located in the area of St. Mama, the most prestigious part of Spetses and spreads over 647m2 in plot size.

This grand estate is split among 2 floors -1 elevated ground level and 1 upper level which act as independent housing.

The two floors connect via an outdoor staircase that can easily transport you between the two.

Ground Floor Residence-

The ground floor is made of 198m2 and another 25m2 that can be used as a storage facility or a fitness area, alternatively.

In front of the manor is a beautiful common orchard garden embellished with marble chairs and rounded table for large gatherings during all hours.

Entering this manor there are 2 sections- The first has a magnificent hall, two large bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom and a storage room. On the other hand, the second section has two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom.

Both sections share a common veranda overlooking the lushious orchards and beach-front entrance to the villa.
Below the veranda is a 25m2 storage studio for anything you may need to store for later use.

Section 1 has central heating while section 2 enjoys air-conditioning.

Upper Floor:

The upper floor can be accessed by a large marble staircase and enjoys 198m2 of open space.

Entering the upper level, one is met with a large hallway, five large bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a storage space.


What is special about the upper floor however are its grand verandas to Front and Rear of the manor, giving you the option of choosing shade or sunlight depending on the time of day.

The Front veranda, to which 3 of 5 rooms share, overlooks the road, sea and St Mama beach and just 400-500 meters away is the renowned Posidoneon Hotel.

The Rear veranda looks to the beach-side road and the St. Mama beach.

The North side of the manor offers a magnificent sea-view as well as the shores of the Peloponnese and “Kosta”, the renowned area of St. Emilianou.

History of the House:

This 200 year old manor initially belonged to a historic naval family who had been a determining agent to the Hellenic Liberation of 1821.
The Azzaro manor was later bought over by the grandmother of the current owning family, in 1897, to be part of the family’s legacy.

Over the last 80-90 years, the Azzaro manor has played a significant role to the family’s economic status and has been a place of interest to many world known celebrities and Greek figures such as: Nobelist writer Ullyseus Elitis, renowned actress Melina Merkouri and former Prime Minister Georgios Rallis.

Special Events:

The following super-events can be watched from the Manor verandas:

-Regatta sailboat rally that happens every June.

-Triathlete competition in Swimming, Cycling and Running every May called “Spetsathlon”.

-Yearly semi-marathon event on the first 10 days of October.

-The world famous Armata event happening every year on the 15th of September.