November 3, 2020 ⋅ In the Press

Forbes | Hotel Living: How Hotel Residences Are Changing Tourism

Growing in popularity, hotel-branded residences can offer investment potential for buyers and added value to the surrounding community.

Checking out of a five-star hotel is never easy: it’s hard to say goodbye to the swish amenities; pristine suites; and your-wish-is-my-demand service. However, with more and more luxury hotels now offering private residences, some guests never have to go through the dreaded check-out process again and instead, can call the hotel—and all of its lavish trappings—their home.

The appeal of hotel-branded residences doesn’t just come down to the financial stability and factors of convenience, however. Savvas Savvaidis, President and CEO of Greece Sotheby's International Realty, whose offering includes the branded residences at Amanzoe, emphasis the aspirational and exclusivity aspects, which also come into play when you’re dealing with a cult-brand like Aman: “The lifestyle component of hotel-branded residences is key to buyers’ decisions.” Buyers frequently put a premium on “the status associated with a premium branded address,” along with things like potential for investment returns and the assurance of quality that comes from buying into a lauded luxury hotel like Aman. “They trust the brand…[they are] are true and loyal followers of Aman hotels worldwide,” says Savvaidis.

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