Symi is located in the southern area of the Dodecanese and is close to the coast of Turkey. It is connected to the port of Piraeus (duration of travel ranges between 12 and 14 hours), while there are also local routes linking Symi to Rhodes. The island possesses a well-organized marina that makes it an ideal destination for yacht owners, willing to explore the Dodecanese.

Renowned for its Neo-Classical harbor, Symi enchants one at first sight. The stately captain mansions captivate the eye due to their colorful architecture, while distinct signs under their pediments denote the social status of the families that once lived there. The picturesque alleys invite one to wander around the picturesque settlement and explore its elegant ambiance. Local buses take one to the Monastery of the Archangel Michael that is located by the sea at the area of Panormitis and is famous all over the world for its miracles.

Symi has a long tradition of seafaring, shipbuilding, woodcarving and sponge fishing. Its coastline consists of peaceful sandy and pebbly beaches, reachable mostly by the sea or by foot, while only few of them are accessible by car. Hikers enjoy walks in the wooded inland ending up to beaches with crystal clear waters, where time seems to have stopped and privacy is an exclusive privilege of those willing to discover the hidden secrets of the island.

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