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Mount Pelion is a privileged peninsula in Central Greece, overlooking both the city of Volos on its west side as well as the Aegean Sea on its east. It is accessible via highway from Athens as well as from Thessaloniki, with the duration of the travel estimated at approximately four hours from both points of departure. Also, the city of Volos has a modern airport that links Volos with many Greek and European cities, as well as a port that links Central Greece to the Sporades Islands within a few hours.

Combining beautiful forests with pebbly beaches, Pelion is a wonderful recreation destination during all seasons of the year. Home of Chiron the Centaur, tutor of many ancient Greek heroes, such as Jason and Hercules, Mount Pelion offers many opportunities for hiking, skiing and sailing.

Traditional architecture of Mount Pelion is famous around the world, as the majestic neoclassical mansions create an imposing atmosphere that can be felt by all residents and visitors of the small, picturesque villages that spread all over the mountain.