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Patmos, the Island of the Apocalypse, is located in the Aegean Sea between the Cyclades and the islands of the Dodecanese. Ferryboats link Patmos to the port of Piraeus (duration of travel is approximately 8 hours) as well as to other islands of the Aegean Sea. Also, having a well-organized marina, the island attracts yacht owners and cruise ships.

Patmos is famous all over the world as a religious destination, as the name of the island is inextricably linked to Saint John the Theologian, who wrote there the holy book of Revelation. Pilgrims enter the Cave of Apocalypse, where he abided after being exiled to Patmos by the Emperor Domitianos, and visit the Monastery of Saint John, founded by Saint Christodoulos. The imposing Monastery, located on top of the city of Patmos, oversees the whole island and reminds of a Byzantine castle.

At the times of pirates dominating the Aegean Sea, the islanders were seeking of ways to protect themselves. Their main refuge was the Monastery, as it was fortified, but they have also adopted a unique architectural style that resulted to a labyrinth settlement, where the terraces of the buildings created a secret elevated escape route. The city of Patmos (Chora) is a World Heritage Monument of UNESCO.

On Patmos one can find sandy and pebbly beaches of exquisite beauty, while boat owners can discover small private beaches not only in the coastline of the island, but also in the neighboring islands Arki, Marathi and Chiliomodi. Moreover, nature lovers are offered the opportunity to explore the sights of Patmos through hiking, by following the “Paths of Culture”, clearly signed paths in the nature, designed to lead to the major sights of the island.
Patmos radiates a refined aura of majesty and peacefulness and invites one to an exclusive experience of introspection.