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Love Greece, but long to visit the Caribbean? Then discover Lekfada, an Ionian island with surprisingly tropical scenery, from never-ending stretches of white sand and turquoise waters to an interior drenched in mountainous greenery.

Property Market

Lefkada island is a relatively new, unexplored and very promising property market, a hidden real estate treasure for those who seek a truly authentic location in the Med. Prices of those very few prime homes available for sale are on average at the €4,500 while exclusive and rare properties with their own beach if available can reach €12,000 per square meter. The land rarity, the strict forestal zoning and coastal zoning as well the urban regulations will keep the island on the path of low property development. At the same time, Skorpios' island renovation luxury project will be attracting in the area affluent travellers that will highly likely drive a quality transformation to the island's hospitality and gastronomy scene. We feature frequently our finest homes in our Private Collection. Feel free reaching out to us for a sneak peek on the pinnacle of our homes.

Connected to the mainland by a bridge, Lefkada is possibly the easiest of the Greek islands to access, with no need to take a ferry. The island is a peaceful place, filled with stunning beaches, quiet villages and friendly locals. Nightlife is lowkey, but unlikely to be missed when the daytimes are filled with paradisiacal landscapes and dreamy scenery. The mesmerising Porto Katsiki is one of the most impressive (and photographed) in Greece, with its wild white cliffs reflecting the never-ending blue of the sea. Close by, Egremni Beach is sure to transport you directly to the equator, with its silver sand and crystal clear waters reminiscent of the idyllic beaches of Tahiti, Bali, Barbados and Bermuda.

Head to windswept Vasilki on the south coast for the region’s best windsurfing, famed throughout Europe for its cross-shore winds. In the morning, the sea is touched with a light breeze, resulting in flat waters perfect for beginners. Around lunchtime a strong cross-shore wind develops (known locally as ‘Eric’), providing some of the best kitesurfing conditions in the Mediterranean: Head to the lagoon off the Agios Nikolaos for a amazing flat ride on kitesurfing or drive a few km in the south to take off on the lovely white sandy beach of Milos. Meanwhile, over on Kathisma Beach, adrenaline junkies can sign up for a day of paragliding, whilst nature lovers can explore the island’s network of underwater canyons, gorges, reefs and caves with a programme of scuba diving and snorkelling.

Take advantage of Lekfada’s premium location with excursions to the nearby islets of Ithaca, Kastos, Kalamos and Meganisi, and catch a glimpse of the famed Scorpios Island, once the private retreat of the Onassis family and now being transformed into a new luxury development by the Rybolovlev family.

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