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A postcard paradise on earth with iconic Porto Katsiki beach, a windsurfer's haven in the south, and thrilling underwater adventures

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Lefkada Island: A Hidden Gem in the Mediterranean Real Estate Market" Lefkada Island presents an emerging and relatively undiscovered real estate market, offering a rare opportunity for those seeking an authentic Mediterranean location. This hidden treasure boasts a limited supply of prime properties, with average prices hovering around €6,500 per square meter. Exclusive and unique properties featuring private beaches can command prices as high as €16,000 per square meter. The island's scarcity of available land, stringent forest and coastal zoning regulations, and urban development guidelines will ensure that Lefkada maintains its low-density property development trajectory. Simultaneously, the ambitious luxury renovation project on Skorpios Island is set to attract affluent travellers, poised to elevate the island's hospitality and gastronomy scene to new heights. Explore the exquisite properties showcased in our Private Collection. Don't hesitate to contact us for an exclusive preview of the pinnacle of our real estate offerings.

Nestled just a stone’s throw from the mainland, Lefkada offers unrivalled accessibility between the Greek islands. This serene paradise beckons with its tranquil ambience, enchanting beaches, and warm-hearted locals. While the nightlife remains understated, it effortlessly takes a backseat to the daytime allure of its heavenly landscapes and idyllic scenery.

One of Lefkada’s crown jewels is the mesmerizing Porto Katsiki, a sight that has graced countless postcards and Instagram feeds. Here, wild white cliffs gracefully mirror the endless azure of the sea.

Nearby, Egremni Beach transports you to equatorial realms with its silver sands and crystal-clear waters reminiscent of the paradisiacal beaches of Tahiti, Bali, Barbados, and Bermuda.

Venture to the windswept Vasiliki on the island’s southern coast, renowned throughout Europe for its cross-shore winds, making it a windsurfer’s haven. Mornings are adorned with gentle breezes, creating tranquil waters ideal for beginners. As the clock nears noon, a robust cross-shore wind, affectionately known as ‘Eric’ by locals, ushers in some of the Mediterranean’s finest kitesurfing conditions. Head to the lagoon off Agios Nikolaos for a thrilling kitesurfing experience, or drive to the pristine white sands of Milos Beach for takeoff.

Adrenaline fans can go to Kathisma Beach for a day of heart-pounding paragliding. At the same time, nature enthusiasts can explore Lefkada’s intricate network of underwater canyons, gorges, reefs, and caves through exhilarating scuba diving and snorkelling excursions.

Make the most of Lefkada’s prime location by excursions to the nearby islets of Ithaca, Kastos, Kalamos, and Meganisi. Catch a glimpse of the famed Scorpios Island, formerly the private retreat of the Onassis family and now transforming into a new luxury development by the Rybolovlev family.