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Kalamata is a modern city located in the southwest part of Peloponnese at 223km from Athens, 215 km from Patra and 715km from Thessaloniki. It has a new airport that links the city to Athens, Thessaloniki and major European cities, while its port attracts cruise ships and yacht owners. During the summer, ships link Kalamata to Kithira and Crete.

Kalamata is a very important urban, economic and commercial center for Peloponnese, and possesses contemporary athletic facilities as well as a modern hospital. The city offers a vivid nightlife, while the surrounding area invites one to explore nature and antiquity. Also, in Kalamata there is the only ballooning area in Greece.

Ancient Olympia, one of the most interesting archaeological sites of Greece and birthplace of the Olympic Games, is reachable from Kalamata via a modern highway in less than 2 hours. Also, within an hour Kalamata allows one to reach Ancient Messene, where excavation has brought to light buildings that have been described by Pausanias.

In the area of Messene that surrounds Kalamata, one can found a landscape of amazing diversity, combining mountainous with seaside beauty and offering many opportunities for excursions and outdoor activities. Indicatively, one can row in the Navarino Gulf, hike in the woods, discover waterfalls and lakes in the area of Polylimnio and explore medieval fortresses. The Castle of Methoni promises a romantic, Venetian aura, while the picturesque village of Kardamyli takes one back to the times of traditional tower-houses and byzantine churches, displaying the imposing architecture of Mani’s region.

Voidokoilia beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey, is of a unique geological formation and captivates one at first glance. It is accessible by car and is reachable within less than an hour from Kalamata. Due to its distinctive nature, the beach is considered a protected area and is part of Natura 2000 project.

Close to the city of Kalamata is the luxurious and worldwide famous resort of Costa Navarino.

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