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In the heart of the Aegean, between Mykonos and Santorini, is the small island of Ios. One of the most untouched islands in Europe boasting extreme natural beauty and outstandingly beautiful beaches. An exclusive and enticing combination of wild beauty and somewhat surprisingly, fun.

Back in the 70’s Ios was known as something of a “hippie haven” and party hotspot.

Today it still offers vibrant nightlife but has also moved on to re-brand as a truly authentic, luxury destination, with a rich mythological background.

Those interested in culture will enjoy the large number of events on the island. One of the best loved is the “Homerian”, a tribute to the ancient Greek poet of Iliad and Odyssey which takes place in May.

Legend has it that Homer took his last breath on the island and many visit his last resting place at Plakoto, high on hill at the northernmost part of the island. A wonderful spot to also enjoy some of the most magnificent views.

Ios is typically Greek with its tiny whitewashed houses, small churches with painted blue roofs and narrow cobblestone streets. It is famous for its traditional windmills, which in the past were used to grind barley and wheat to make bread for the locals. Three of them have been restored to their former glory and are a real must-see.

The island of Ios embraces and actively promotes sustainable tourism in order to protect its cultural and natural heritage.

This authentic destination is destined to retain its authenticity for many years to come. Our children and our children’s children will be able to continue to experience its natural beauty and unbound hospitality.

Ios is easily accessible and regular ferries run from Piraeus , Rafina, Crete and the Cyclades.

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