Ios is a small island south of Santorini, reachable by sea and linked to the ports of Piraeus, Rafina, Crete and Cyclades. Duration of travel from Piraeus ranges from 3.5 to 7 hours, depending on the type of ship.

The island has golden beaches of incomparable beauty and crystal clear waters, while the inland is mountainous, barren land with many bluffs and rocks, where one can find only herbs, such as oregano and thyme. An exclusive combination of wild beauty and peacefulness, Ios is considered hikers’ paradise. Moreover, the coastline of the island is ideal for water sports, sailing, scuba diving and fishing. Also, Ios is the only island of the Cyclades, where one can find twelve windmills at the same place.

Due to its natural port, Ios was attracting pirates seeking for a haven for their ships. For that reason, islanders built the capital of the island on a hill, overseeing the port. The capital, Chora, consisting of traditional white houses with blue shutters and streets paved with cobblestone is very picturesque and is renowned for its nightlife.

In the area of Plakotos one can find the grave of Homer, the ancient Greek poet, author of the epics Odyssey and Iliad. From the respective hill one can enjoy an astonishing view of the sea and the neighboring islands.