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Halkidiki's natural scenery is known for its great diversity combining imposing forests golden beaches and peaceful monasteries.

Halkidiki (Chalkidiki) is a captivating peninsula near Thessaloniki, renowned for its incomparable beauty. It is accessible via a modern highway that links the broader region to Italy (through the port of Igoumenitsa), Turkey, and all Balkan countries, while its proximity to “Macedonia” airport of Thessaloniki provides a connection to all major European cities.

Halkidiki is divided into three areas, named Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos, that all end up to the Aegean Sea, creating a coastline of 550 kilometres. The natural scenery is characterized by great diversity, as it combines imposing forests with golden beaches and peaceful monasteries. Embracing 12 regions, protected by Natura, Halkidiki invites one to explore its hidden secrets.

Its coastline, created by sandy as well as rocky beaches, along with seven tiny uninhabited islands and the sunny weather, create the ideal environment for yacht sailing.

Organized marinas and nautical clubs, offering activities and participating in races, attract the elite of sailors from all over the world. At the same time, infinite sandy beaches enchant those seeking for a unique combination of water sports, romantic sunsets, and premium cocktails, while the small island of Ammouliani reveals to connoisseurs a well-hidden exotic paradise.

Mount Athos, consisting of imposing monasteries that were built 1,000 years ago and is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List, allows entrance only to men, promising an incomparable experience of tranquillity.

Nature lovers can enjoy hiking, cycling and horse riding in an environment of exquisite beauty, inviting them to collect mushrooms and herbs, discover huge stalagmites in Petralona Cave, study the birdlife in Sani wetlands and see rare water turtles in Mavrobara lake. For those who will reach the traditional village of Agia Paraskevi, the local thermal springs are willing to share their therapeutic qualities.

In Halkidiki, one can also experience exclusive spa treatments in luxury resorts and challenge one’s luck in the Casino of Porto Carras.