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Diverse landscapes, ancient mysteries, and thermal springs: uncover the hidden treasures of Evia at one hour drive from Athens.

The city of Halkida, known for its unique tidal phenomenon of Evripos Channel, possesses a romantic waterfront, ideal for long walks and nightlife. The east side of the island borders the Aegean Sea, creating a coastline of incomparable beaches with crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming, relaxation as well as water sports.

Northern Evia is characterized by dense vegetation, imposing forests and hidden paradises. The Monastery of Saint David of Evia, overseeing a peaceful wooded area, and the church of Saint John the Russian, in the small town Neo Prokopi, where his Holy Relic is kept, attract many pilgrims from all over the world. A few miles north, one can visit cape Artemision, where the famous Battle of Artemisium took place during the second Persian invasion in Greece in 480BC, and where fishermen discovered two ancient bronze statues of exquisite aesthetics, now displayed in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. One of the best 10 spas in the world can be found in Thermae Sylla Hotel in the seaside town of Aidipsos, while small boats link Northern Evia to Lihadonisia Islands, known as the Maldives of Greece, due to their exotic natural environment.

In Central Evia, lovers of hiking and mountain climbing will be enchanted by the wild beauty of Mount Dirfys, embracing picturesque villages with traditional taverns, known for their local gastronomy.

A few miles towards the East, one can find one of the most beautiful pebbly beaches of Greece, Chiliadou, while at the same time, the region of Eretria travels one back to antiquity as it is one of the most important archaeological sites of the country.

The southern part of the island resembles the Cyclades and is surrounded by an aura of mystery, due to the Dragon Houses that have been found in Karystos. These imposing constructions, made of stone and built on steep locations, have captivated the interest of many researchers, seeking to explain their existence and form one of the most challenging enigmas.

Evia is also linked, via ferryboats that depart from Kymi, to Skyros, where Thetis was hiding her son, Achilles. Skyros is an island of exceptional beauty, inviting one to explore sea caves and meet the unique breed of Skyros Pony that some claim to be the horses depicted on the Parthenon.