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Corporate nomads are on the road to Greece

John Roese, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Dell Technologies, discussed in a recent teleconference the open prospects and great potential that Greece has to attract foreign workers and companies in the field of technology and informatics. “I think that I will easily work from an island in Greece. It is a very beautiful country. As… Read more »

“A holiday home becomes more tempting than ever” Savvas Savvaidis’ interview at Voices of Clarity

Covid-19 has changed people’s lives in a matter of a few months time at an unprecedented scale and magnitude. There is no manual about such an event and especially for real estate. Savvas Savvaidis talks about it to tourism expert Kostas Panagakis head at Travelworks and is sharing his insights about the real estate brokerage… Read more »

Paris Sigalas

Paris Sigalas: The king of Assyrtiko

Around 50 varieties of vines prosper in the mainly anhydrous island of the Aegean sea, its gemstone being the Assyrtiko, a local white wine variety, which according to the connoisseurs of wine is considered the best in the Mediterranean. To the overall story of Assyrtiko there is one before and one after Paris Sigalas. He… Read more »

Phos Prince Nikolaos of Greece

Prince Nikolaos’ Journey of Light

At the end of the last century, prince Nikolaos of Greece accompanied his father, King Constantine, former king of Hellenes, as is his correct title, to Cyprus. They were to attend the World Sailing Annual Conference, of which Constantine was, as a golden Olympic medallist in sailing, the honorary president. At night, the event’s organisers… Read more »

Wine Auctions

Liquid gold for buyers and sellers

The event was unique for many reasons, beginning with the fact that it was the highest-estimated wine auction in history. The three-day sale actually exceeded all expectations, with 2,704 lots, that’s 16,889 bottles of wines, reaching the astronomical sum of €.25,000.000! The wines came from the extensive cellars of the Tran-scend-ent Wines collection, belonging to… Read more »

Craftsman of Dreams

Tell us a bit about your career so far. How did you enter the yacht industry? I entered the yacht industry back in 1973, as a student at the Sapienza University of Rome, in the School of Architecture. One of my professors asked me to join his studio, where they were designing typewriters and calculators… Read more »

Michael Skoulikidis and Greece’s luxury yacht chartering

Many of our clients discover the charms of Greece by sailing in the region on one of the superb luxury yachts available for charter. Mr. Michael Skoulikidis, President of the Greek Yachting Association, is no stranger to promoting yachting in Greece so we asked him to share his insights on the country’s timeless appeal, the… Read more »

Lefteris Lazarou , The Grand Master of Greek Cuisine

Probably the most well known and much-loved chef in Greece, Lefteris Lazarou has a wealth of experience behind him and a Michelin star to boot. The ‘chef patron’ of Varoulko Seaside, a renowned fine dining fish & seafood restaurant on the picturesque waterfront of Mikrolimano in Piraeus, approaches his creations which the imagination of an… Read more »

Paxos Island: An Inspiration for Contemporary Art

Eight cutting-edge contemporary artists have been invited by the newly funded project to interact with the wild and natural beauty of Paxos. Marina Tomacelli Filomarino, the inspiration behind the project and a summer resident of Paxos for the past forty years, shares with Sotheby’s International Realty the thrill of seeing it to fruition and her… Read more »

Orsalia Parthenis: An Insider’s Mykonos

Waking up next to the most photographed landmark of Mykonos, the windmills, right across from Sea Satin restaurant and its all-night parties, it’s refreshing to know you can still stroll around the market stalls and buy fresh vegetables and flowers from the local growers. The traditional daily farmer’s market and fish market along Yalos, the… Read more »