Winter is here! Cold weather, snow and wind welcome anyone willing to peep out of Christmas-decorated cozy homes. Most people associate Greece with sunlight and so they do not bother to explore winter season, but for those who know, winter is the ideal pathway to secret getaways and unique experiences. One of them leads to a mountainous area of another era.

In some places time seems to have stopped. Nature embraces tiny, picturesque villages, people safeguard local culture, technology respects tranquility and traditions are kept alive. Zagorohoria is a unique cluster of mountainous villages located in the region of Epirus in Northwestern Greece. More than forty stone-and-slate picturesque villages are scattered all over the Pindus mountain range, hidden among majestic forests of incomparable beauty and linked to each other via paved roads.

The breathtaking canyon of Vikos, the crystal clear waters of Voidomatis River, the alpine lakes of Drakolimni and the delicious local dishes are only a few of the reasons to visit Zagorohoria.

Being the perfect destination for nature lovers all year round, Zagorohoria attract not only couples seeking for romantic getaways but also fans of outdoor activities, as they offer many chances for hiking, rafting, horse riding and mountain bike. Moreover, stately traditional stone mansions have been developed to boutique hotels, promising accommodation of premium quality. Join the connoisseurs of life and explore a place of exquisite natural beauty that rewards those willing to discover its secrets.