Fotini Charalampopoulou

Welcome to the hidden gem of Athens, where urban sophistication seamlessly blends with the splendour of nature. Nestled in the northern suburbs, a collection of enchanting districts awaits, offering a delightful retreat from the bustling city centre. Join us on a virtual journey as we explore the allure of these affluent neighbourhoods and discover why they are the epitome of a beautiful place to stay.

A Tapestry of Distinctive Identity
As we embark on a leisurely drive along Kifissias Avenue, you’ll soon be captivated by a series of affluent districts, each with unique charm and character. We begin your adventure in Psychiko and Filothei, where the architectural influence of English garden cities reigns supreme. Streets adorned with names inspired by exquisite flowers set the stage for a picturesque experience. Once reserved for the Athenian aristocracy, these neighbourhoods have gracefully evolved into havens of elegance and refinement.

The Mark of Prestige
Amidst the graceful streets and elegant residences, the northern suburbs proudly host many foreign embassies, further enhancing their reputation as prestigious enclaves. Unsurprisingly, elite private schools, such as Arsakeio Tositseio School, Moraitis School, and Athens College, call these neighbourhoods their home. These institutions uphold a legacy of excellence, fostering a world-class educational environment.

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Nature’s Embrace
As we journey further north, the air becomes crisper, and the landscape transforms into a lush tapestry of verdant city parks. Kifisia, Kastri, Kefalari, Ekali, Dionysos, and Politia blend the urban and natural realms, offering a harmonious sanctuary reminiscent of the mountains. The slightly elevated terrain and proximity to the countryside bless these districts with cleaner, cooler air and a refreshing ambience. Here, you can bask in the beauty of nature while relishing the convenience of a well-connected urban lifestyle.

A Vibrant Tapestry of Life
At the heart of these idyllic districts lies a vibrant tapestry of life pulsating with energy and creativity. The bustling centres teem with vibrant cafes, where locals and visitors gather to savour aromatic coffee and indulge in lively conversations. Elegant restaurants offer a symphony of flavours where culinary artistry meets refined dining experiences. Sophisticated boutique shopping malls invite discerning shoppers to explore a world of fashion and luxury, satisfying even the most exquisite tastes.

Jewels of Culture and Heritage
Within the charming embrace of Kifisia, you’ll discover architectural marvels that transport you to a bygone era. The awe-inspiring Goulandris Natural History Museum, founded in 1964, resides within an imposing neoclassical building, housing a treasure trove of natural wonders. Villa Kazouli, another architectural gem, showcases timeless beauty and adds to the district’s allure. And then there’s Kifisia’s Park, a serene oasis that dates back to 1885, adorned with majestic, sky-high trees and boasting meticulous design. Here, you can lose yourself in the symphony of nature’s colours, find solace in a cosy café, or watch children revel in the playful delights of the park’s charming playground

A Haven for Leisure and Recreation
For avid tennis enthusiasts seeking an active escape, the northern suburbs offer two prestigious private clubs, the Ekali Club and the Tatoi Club. These exclusive establishments cater not only to the pursuit of the game but also pamper their members with wellness services and exquisite dining options. Immerse yourself in a world of luxury where you can unwind.