Lee Tokouzis

Step foot on Milos, Kimolos or Poliegos and feel as if time has stood still. These three lesser-known Greek islands are truly magical destinations. Perhaps because they remain untouched by mass tourism or perhaps because of their authentic charm. Whatever it is, if you yearn to leave the real world behind for a while and go back to a simpler place and time, then you should come to any one of these idyllic islands.

Far from the bright lights of Mykonos and the sophistication of Paros and Antiparos, these islands are real, unpretentious. They are content to stay as they are, rooted in tradition and quiet hospitality.

Dazzling white rocks formations are Milos’ trademark

Feel exhilarated by an early morning walk by the sea, be excited to see a star-filled sky and thrilled by the beautiful sound of bird song. These are the rewards of a simpler life.

Milos is said to have some of the best beaches in the Aegean and fascinating history. Unlike many of the smaller islands, Milos has the advantage of having an airport. This also has a history as it was built to service the miners of the now-abandoned mines.

The picturesque fishing village of Pollonia in Milos

It is here in 1820 that the marble statue, Venus de Milo, was discovered by an ensign in the French navy and a farmer who was digging for marble building blocks. An important find and one that caused a great dispute over possession which was eventually given to the French after paying over a modest sum. The statue is now displayed in the Louvre.

The Venus de Milo statue in Paris. Louvre the Venus de Milo statue it’s one of most important statue of the world

It’s easy to see why Milos is known by many as the “luminous” island. The emerald green waters create a stark contrast against a backdrop of bright, white volcanic rock formations.

Crystal clear sea of Greek islands. Milos, boat trip in Kleftiko bay

Kimolos is one of the most picturesque islands in the Cyclades. A short boat ride from Milos you will arrive and feel immediately as if you have stepped into another world. A world of stunning natural landscapes and unspoilt beaches.

Chora village on Kimolos and Milos island in the distance.

The village here is just like a picture postcard of all that we think of when we think of Greece. Traditional cafeneion, tavernas, and men playing backgammon, as if in a scene from an old movie.

The beauty of the landscape here on Kimolos will revive your soul. Here you can quiet your mind, feel a real sense of nature and find your way back to the important things in life.

Enjoy some of the finest fresh food served right on the beach. It is often in the most simple that we find the greatest pleasure.

Kimolos only restaurant on the beach!

Poliegos, is a small uninhabited island. An ideal destination if you love sailing. Here you can dive into the clearest, translucent waters and swim uninhibited.

With several bays to choose from you can spend the day in a cocoon of privacy and beauty.

Sailing boat lying in a bay with clear transparent waters, in Polyegos island

There is an evocative sense about the scenery. An interplay of light and colour creating a special feel to the whole island. Dolphins, seals and turtles swim freely in the area, unchallenged in their natural habitat.