Entering Amanzoe’s Port Cochere: One can find majestic colonnades. A 70m long reflection pool flows quietly right in the center, as passerby’s walk through the columns next to its serene waters. Perfect for the early evening hours, when the lights are dimmed and night has taken over, it’s a fantastic spot for a drink, for dinner or simply chilling out.

Unique library: Speaking of books, Amanzoe’s library holds over 1072 books, ready to satisfy even the most intellectual of readers. Grab a book and sit by the pool while your mind wanders away to lands unknown. Travel back in time, as you read about Ancient Greece, Gods and philosophers, about rituals and timeworn secrets.

The only Watsu pool in Greece: Within Amanzoe lies the first ever Watsu pool built in Greece. Its waters, so soothing and relaxing, offer a sensation found nowhere else. Perfect for rejuvenating the body after a day at the beach, take some time off to stretch and replenish your energy in its warm, tranquil waters.

Own an Aman Villa and experience the finest in luxury living in Greece!

A Spa like none-other: “Beauty is about enhancing what you already have”, and just like its Watsu pool, Amanzoe boasts over 1,400m2 of spa grounds, including 8 double treatment rooms with their private steam rooms and outside resting areas, ideal for those seeking absolute tranquility.

Best yoga spot in the world: Picture your morning yoga over-looking the breathtaking Ermionida rolling hills; what better way to let go of your stress than doing some stretches in the sky?

Pure products: A total of 300 olive trees lie within the Amanzoe grounds and are harvested annually to produce pure olive oil, used to cook the resorts’ culinary delights and season its salads. From nature, straight to the food you love!

Privacy: It is a worldwide tradition for hotel guests to use the “Do not disturb” sign whenever they feel like catching some privacy; but at Amanzoe, the sign has been reinvented, “Greek style”! Now every time a guest seeks privacy, they can hang the country’s traditional “komboloi” on their doors, commonly known as “worry beads”.

Aman villas pool area