Greece Sotheby’s International Realty is actively supporting the aims of the non profit Creaid based in Athens.

CREAID is a non-profit organization with a targeted humanitarian mandate, served through creative and artistic initiatives. Its fundamental principle is “Create to Aid,” and it aims to combine creativity through works of art to aid those in need. It is an organization that uses the artistic inspiration and creations of its supporters in order to provide assistance to the local community and raise awareness through those creative and artistic initiatives.
Under the new project “Designer Jewelry” distinguished Greek and international jewelry designers , are asked to design a fine jewelry with their own unique way. The proceeds of the auction will be allocated for the Athens General Children’s Hospital.

The opening of the event took place on April 4th 2017 at One Athens building while the online auction will be taking place till April 10th.

Savvas Savvaidis CEO of Greece Sotheby’s International Realty says: “We are excited to be endorsing such a noble initiative combining art and philanthropy. Such collaborative aid efforts have an inspiring impact to a wider audience strengthening the awareness of our duties as active citizens. It is actually here in Athens that the culture of citizenship was first conceived” continues Savvas Savvaidis.

Creaid’s founder is the renowned Athenian photographer Marina Vernicos.