Lee Tokouzis

Sometimes we all fancy making a few changes to our home that aren’t going to break the bank. See below our 5 easy, cost effective tips.

Tip One – Colour

Don’t be afraid of colour – by adding to a neutral or white room a small amount of bright, strong colour you can create a visual wow which you can further enhance with contrasting accessories.

Tip Two – Feature Wall

Create a feature wall, this can be done either with colour, texture or an oversized piece of art. Either way your room will pop!

Tip Three – Lighting

Lighting can make or break a room – think about adding a statement light fitting over a dining room table for instant drama, or add a few side lights to the living room to create a soft, cosy feel for evening.

Tip Four – Cupboard Handles

There is such a wide range of handles on the market that out with the old, on those tired kitchen cupboards, and in with the new can give your kitchen a real facelift with limited expense.

Tip Five – Storage

Multifunctional storage gets rid of the clutter and allows key pieces to be displayed to their advantage. Add a pretty chest to the foot of the bed or add a shelf unit to the bathroom to store and display towels and accessories in a useful but attractive way.