Area Guides: Spetses

"Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence"
- Aristotle, Greek Philosopher

Spetses is an island located in the Argosaronic Gulf, close to Athens (2 hours from the port of Piraeus by flying dolphin) and Peloponnese (reachable from Porto Heli and Kosta via flying dolphins, traditional boats or water taxis). The island is also accessible via helicopter, as it has a helicopter pad. Transport on the island takes place mainly by traditional carriages and boats, as traffic of private vehicles is restricted. Adding the calm landscape, Spetses is considered an ideal destination for bicycle lovers.

Natural beauty of the island consists of peaceful beaches, secret caves and an amazing pine forest with a variety of wild flowers and herbs. Clearly signed footpaths invite visitors to explore the forest, discover some of its many tiny springs, walk nearby windmill ruins and enjoy the view from the lighthouse. Beaches of sand or pebbles embrace the crystal clear sea, while sea caves offer a unique experience to those who will decide to swim in them. The most famous cave is called “Bekiri’s Cave” and was used as a refuge by the residents of the islands in case of invasion. In the inner of the cave one can find a small sand beach surrounded by stalagmites.

Spetses has a long naval architecture tradition. Shipbuilding was one of the main professions on the island, while some shipyards are still operating in the area of “Palio Limani” (meaning “Old Port”). Wandering the main village of the island, one is impressed not only by the romantic walk by the seaside but also by the preservable mansions. One of these mansions, the house of Greek War’s of Independence heroine Laskarina Bouboulina, is nowadays a museum, allowing the visitors to admire its carved ceiling and historic relics from the war of 1821.

Spetses had a very active role during the Greek War of Independence and this is celebrated every year by the biggest fest of the island called “Armata”. It is held in the beginning of September and reconstructs the naval battle of Spetses that happened on the 8th of September 1822, attracting visitors from all over the world.

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