Maria Gouma

Maria Gouma

Corporate Director

Step 1: Status

Ensure the legal status of your property is compliant with the new laws regarding selling a property.

Step 2: Valuation

Offer your house at a competitive price following our assessment. We are known for providing up to date, realistic valuations to vendors, not hesitating to turn down listings of overpriced properties. We believe that an overpriced and overexposed property will have an unnecessary handicap in the selling efforts, it will “burn” and ultimately will sell for less than the original valuation.

Step 3: Agency agreement

Book an appointment with us bringing with you the documentation required; a) A copy of your purchase contract or certificate of ownership b) A copy of the license for the property c) A copy of the ‘Horizontal’ if the property is on a shared plot d) Floor plans.

Step 4: Photo shooting

We will arrange to visit your property for a photo shooting – see our tips here for preparing your house for sale.

Step 5: Viewings

Inform us how to arrange access to the property for viewings. Tip – properties where we hold a key always sell faster! Be sure to prepare your property before every viewing to present it in the best way possible. Open the windows and be sure to avoid any strong food products prior to a viewing.

Step 6: Negotiation

When we have found you a buyer, we will represent you throughout the negotiation, ensuring that all parties are happy.

Step 7: Pre-agreement with buyer

As soon as the negotiation is complete we will prepare a document which outlines the terms of the agreement, including price, deposits, completion date. Both parties must sign this agreement.

Step 8: Closing Costs

The costs associated with selling a property are: Engineer’s certificate, Energy certificate, Lawyer’s fees, Estate Agent’s fees. Please note that Capital Gains have now been suspended till October 2022.

Step 9: Notarial Contract

At this point you will instruct your Lawyer/Notary to arrange the details for the sale. Completion usually takes between 4-6 weeks from the time we have found a buyer.