Purity, is located in Apokoronos County, an area to the east of the city of Chania. Apokoronas greatly reflects the Cretan landscape, gazing at the White Mountains, full of olive groves and overlooking the Cretan Sea to the north. The property is in proximity of several beautiful beaches and some traditional Cretan villages and is split into three levels, standing next to a private pool and can host a couple families or, generally, groups of up to 10 people.

When designing Purity, the purpose was to make you feel at home, hence the modern, airy and hospitable architectural approach. You shall enjoy sleeping in superior quality beds, make use of contemporary bathrooms and enjoy fine amenities, all equipped with high-tech appliances, enhancing both the villa’s identity, parallel to your stay. Ensuring that all your needs will be fulfilled by these features, we are confident that you will enjoy a welcoming atmosphere, certainly complemented by the discretion demonstrated by our staff when attending to your requests.

Set base in Purity, only half an hour from the town of Chania by car, and explore the west and southwest coastline and countryside, visit the breathtaking beaches and stroll in traditional picturesque Cretan villages. Immense yourself in an authentic Cretan experience, at an altitude of 200m, 20 km east of Hania in the area of Almirida, within lush vegetation and with great view at the Lefka Ori (White Mountains) and the Cretan Sea.